Blood and Ferrocrete (A Shadowrun 3rd edition Game)

A Simple Delivery

The Shamrock is pretty quiet when Murphy makes a few calls to see who wants to do a quick job for him. Samriel, and Captain Jack pick up their phones and agree to meet about 2100 at the pub. When they arrive, apparently there’s a new chick in town. This mohawked redhead is apparently a merc of some sort going by the moniker Bella Rose and the three settle into the War Room to hear the details.

They are to be at Pier 39 at 0200 to pickup a package and deliver it to a certain address in Redmond. Simple, neh? They are going to be paid 500 yen each cause its easy peasy. Discussion is had as to who has a vehicle and which one is taken. In the end, the team winds up renting Murphy’s panel van for 100y each. Then Captain Jack makes a few calls since the waterfront is his stomping grounds. His buddy lets him know that the Dockers, a troll gang, like to hang out there. The team decides they will go with the offering drugs to the gang to have them piss off.

K-Fin resident pool shark/drug dealer is called and arrives in a cloud of Axe body spray a little while later hauling his crate o’ goodies TM. He digs past the porn chips, bits and odds and ends of crappy personal defense stuff and comes up with three vials of slab, a sheet of bliss tabs and two oddly shaded yellow pills. Haggling ensues and the team pays 200 y for the drugs. Bella to everyone’s shock buys the two pills and then immediately takes them.

She finds out the hard way that being both hypersensititve to stimuli and having her reactions slowed (Hyper and MAO don’t mix, mkay?) is a trip. Much consternation on the parts of her teammates causes Samriel to stunbolt her as soon as she’s in the van. Then the team has to kill a couple hours to let her sleep it off. The decision is made to head for Wenches & Grog, the local pirate hangout.

When they arrive, someone tosses a grenado in the parking lot which explodes. Said tosser is launched off the balcony into the sea. Laughing pirates are playing Race the Rigging (a cargo net up the side of the building.) and Captain Jack heads in for a grog. He’s greeted at the door with a series of cheers and jeers. Dark Charlotte, a lecherous dwarf pirate wench, tries to latch onto him but Captain Jack cleverly avoids that by having his mate Thin Redbeard take the hit. He’s having his grog and slinging the drek when Coughin’ Chris and Redjack Ryan get into an argument…

Outside, Samriel is approached by two equally ugly and equally drunk pirates, Pirate Steve and Pirate Chuck. They were going to mess with the lone elf in a van but he lets them know that Captain Jack is his running partner. Inside, they begin a long winded and drunken tale of the death of the Fearful Barnacle. Bella wakes up at all the commotion and decides to go get a grog to clear her head. She walks into a full-on bar brawl and proceeds to nonchalantly make her war to the bar. She vaults onto the countertop just as the barkeep goes down from a clout to the skull with a grog tankard. She removes the tankard from a flailing hand and drains it.

Bella apparently draws power from the grog because she hops down, ducks a flying chair, grabs a cutlass wielding hand and takes possession of the blade by the simple expedient of a size 6 in the family jewels, continues towards the door, is accosted by a pirate, pins the scalawag to the wall through his bloused shirt and exits next to Captain Jack.

Finally finally the team is ready to go on the run. They get to the dock and Samriel goes astral and has a chat with a nice federal mage whos on overwatch. He notices the delivery boat, the drone following it, and the two cigarette boats out in the Sound waiting for delivery.

Captain Jack and Bella head towards where five high Dockers are trying to heave a Bulldog Stepvan into the water. One of them drops the van and the rest are griping at him so Jack has to step out into the open to talk to them. Bella hangs back at the corner, covering the massive gangers with her slivergun. Jack gives them the sheet of Bliss and the trolls toss the van in the drink and head off to find more vehicles to send to a watery grave.

Bella gets an urgent text and has to bolt from the run.

Jack steps out on the dock as a Zodiac inflatable buzzes up. A Hispanic man mid-40s exchanges the passphrase with him. He heaves the package a 3’long footlocker at Jack. Captain Jack is entirely familiar with Heave Ho cause how else do you unload booty from a plundered and sinking ship? He catches the package squarely on his shoulder as LIGHTS suddenly pop on. ‘UCAS CUSTOMS AND IMMIGRATION!!! FREEZE YOU SLAGS!!!’ Captain Jack does none of that. Clutching the box, he sprints down the dock towards the alley calling for Samriel to bring the van and leave the side door open.

Samriel does as requested and as the van clears the end of the alley, Captain Jack leaps inside. He deposits the box and draws his flintlock. ‘Got a watcher followin us’. He leans out the open van door as Samreil speeds away and pegs the surviellance drone with two explosive rounds. The drone operator decides along with the rest of the task force to ignore the runners in favor of the gigantic blood spirit that appears in the Sound.

Our intrepid duo heads for the address in Redmond. A crumbling tenement with an old US Postal mailbox. “KOLMETZ!!” they chorus and a tall figure in a cowled robe comes out of a locked basement door. His weird voice resonates as he says ‘Ahh my prize.’ He opens the footlocker to reveal row upon row of BTL chips. He offers one to each of the runners. Captain Jack is having none but Samriel’s curiousity gets the better of him and he takes it. He also assenses Kolmetz and shows him as a mundane. Then Kolmetz’s coat starts moving by itself in weird places and the guys decide they’ve had a long enough night. They get back to bar and get paid the remaining 300y each by Pat since Murphy went home.



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