Blood and Ferrocrete (A Shadowrun 3rd edition Game)

An Evening with Allan

Or Vash's Wild Ride

The Shamrock is actually jumping when Murphy calls the usual suspects. Bella has been at the bar since about 1400 steadily drinking Guiness and bulldrekking with Patrick and later K-Fin. Murphy has a client that needs protection for the weekend and to be put on a plane out in the Salish on Monday morning. He rings Samriel who agrees to drive in, Bella agrees to hear him out, he calls Captain Jack who was asleep and goes back to sleep.
Then his phone starts ringing. He lets it roll over to voice mail and learns that Arnie has been giving his name out. Some chick named Vi wants work. He tells her to be at the Shamrock at 2100
His phone blows up again. Voicemail again then he calls the guy back. Some dude named Vash also needs work. Sure he thinks more the merrier. 2100,chum
He’s just settled in and about to talk to Bella when his phone goes off again. Jeez, Arnie, didja take out an ad in the Post? Voicemail then some chick named Karla wants in as well. 2100
On a whim, he calls BatDwarf and the caped rigger agrees to be there. Bruce fires up the FOX and rolls out of his secret cave entrance.

Vi, a redhead in a skintight dress, shows up first, having driven her crappy antique Buick Regal from the Redlight district. She introduces herself then putters around the bar.

Vash jumps into his sleek SILVER Westwind and roars off from the Seattle Hilton. He arrives a few minutes later and strolls in, an imposing figure in his dark coat and Roman war helm.

Karla, an ebony skinned woman in a red dress, rolls in a few minutes later. When she takes her coat off, its obvious she thought nothing of walking through the Redlight district at night because she has a Predator in a thigh holster and a pair of katanas with a heavy crossbow on her back.

Captain Jack gets up, straps his usual gear on and heads out to his antique but restored Toyota Tundra pickup, The Rum Punch Express, so named for the passenger compartment rum dispensers built into it.

He arrives at the bar ..and Patrick pulls out a Predator and sets it on the bar and looks meaningfully at Jack. (Jack shot the trid during the last run cause Pat wouldn’t change the channel). ‘Gonna be destroying any o me property tonight boyo?’ Jack says no but would Pat mind terribly changing it to rugby. Pat puts the Pred away and changes the channel.

Karla decides to get on the pool table. BOOM! A smoking 12mm hole appears in the wall next to her head ‘Ive had enou’ o tha shenanigans. Get offa me table’ Pat roars. Karla gets down. Vash decides he’s going to try it. BOOM! "I"m equal opportunity boyo"

Samriel exits off the interstate and cruises by the pub. Crappy Buick, Crappy Toyota, The Batdwarfmobile, a silver? I didn’t even know it came in any color but red or black Westwind and Murphy’s panel van crowding the lot. He decides to park at 5th street parking and walk back.

The War Room is standing room only and there are some who gets a chair antics. Finally the team is settled and Murphy does his white noise generator tridscreen trick. A young fresh faced man appears on the screen. ‘This is the client, Allan Smythe. He needs protection. The gig pays 5000 each for 3 days work. He wants to meet you in the parking lot of Dante’s at 0400. He’ll ask you for the time and you’ll reply that your watch is broke. Any questions?’ Of course the team haggles a bit and Samriel gets Murphy to bump the payout to 8K if all the newbies come back in one piece. Murphy gets an evil look on his face as he turns to his kit bag and begins pulling out….flowers. Boutineers to be precise. “Everyone has to wear one of these when you meet him so he knows you’re from me.”

Everyone agrees some reluctantly. Then theres a pell mell of confusion as to who’s riding with whom. The caravan winds up being Vi and Vash in the Westwind, BatDwarf, Samriel, and Bella in the FOX and Captain Jack and Karla in the Rum Punch Express. The team breaks to collect gear and catch a nap before the run. Unfortunately for Captain Jack, Karla oversleeps and misses the run entirely so he has to roll solo.

They arrive at the proper time and park across from the now closed nightclub. Samriel goes astral and reports back that there are two people in that alley over there. One of them begins staggering towards the trio of cars. Captain Jack gets out to intercept him. Its a grizzled street person who mutters ‘Hey uh got tha time’ Jack says ‘I lost my watch’ The bum says ‘ok foller me’. Jack, Vi, Vash and Bella all begin to follow a complete stranger into a dark alley.

They soon meet and collect Allan. As they are headed back to cars, screeching tires as a riced up Honda 3200 screams around the corner. BatDwarf launches the Fox forward on a collison course while Bella stands in the road. Vi dives for cover. Vash and Captain Jack pull thier guns and Pulp Fiction style blast the drivers compartment. The innocent street racer and his girlfriend are hit by multiple EX rounds and die. The Honda crashes into a wall.

The team shoves the principal into the FOX and Bella clambers in after him. Jack jumps into the Express, and Vi and Vash get in the Westwind as a blacked out SUV turns the corner and begins pursuing the FOX. Jack makes the block to get in trail position as V Squared pull alongside in the Westwind. The windows on the passenger side of the SUV buzz down and two broken nose snouts of AK97 submachineguns poke out. Vi pulls her handcannon and fires past Vash’s face, holing the SUV’s engine. Simultaneously, Captain Jack switches hands and fires the Flintlock of Doom, blowing out a rear tire and shattering the rear glass. The SUV comes to a halt as Vash, blinded and deafened by having a heavy pistol fired 2 inches from his nose, careens off the road to come to a screeching halt in a nearby lot.

Four hitters bail out of the SUV. Two turn towards the Express, two towards the Westwind. Captain Jack pulls down a side street and then clever fragger that he is doubles back to the firefight on foot. The Westwind pair advance on the car, triggering burst after burst, shredding the engine and paint job. A trio of 7.62mm rounds shatters the passengers glass and Vi is hit in the chest and neck. She flops over into Vash’s lap spraying blood and the Predator thumps into the foot well. The door gull wings up as Vash bails out, riot shield in hand.
Captain Jack peeks around the corner and fires the Flintlock O’ Doom. One of his merc targets is nearly eviscerated as his guts explode. He drops like a string cut puppet.
BatDwarf still speeding away launches the Guardian Hunter Killer drone and sends it back as air support, ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ playing from onboard speakers.
The second Westwind mercenary turns at the sound of the approaching drone and is shredded as .50 rounds from the onboard heavy machinegun mow him down.
Seeing this the other Express merc decides on the better part of valor and legs it.
Vash fires wildly over the top of the car, pegging his target with two shots. The merc stumbles but sprays fire back doing more damage to the only silver Westwind ever made.
The angry drone spins in place and walks the heavy machinegun fire up the mercenary killing him very very dead.

With all of the gunfire and commotion, lights begin coming on as the entire neighborhood wonders how they woke up in Beirut. Sirens begin to wail in the distance as Vi bleeds out and gasps her last in the front seat of the only silver Westwind Shadowrun will ever see.

Captain Jack climbs back into the Rum Punch Express and drives casually away, cause speeding draws attention.
BatDwarf recalls the Guardian and inside the FOX Samriel runs a bug scanner over the client. Give me your phone he commands. Allan resists until Bella threatens him then he gives it over. The phone sails out the window to shatter into useless junk and the BDMobile roars away into the night.

Finding himself abandoned by his so-called ‘team’ with a dead chick in his front seat, Vash panicks. He runs to the first car parked on the street and slams his fist through the window of the Jackrabbit. An alarm wails and the owner, a cranky ork in boxers with a shotgun comes out yelling ’Fool! You done tried to jack the wrong ride!" Vash sprints away

He’s overtaken a block later by a Lone Star cruiser that follows him for a bit before announcing on the loudspeaker ‘Stop running, jackass! We will shoot you, we’re the Star!‘. Vash darts down a narrow alley and sprints to the next block over. He kicks in a door to a house, setting off the burglar alarms. Lights come on in the upstairs as he tries to hide in the kitchen. ’Oh you fucked up, son. I’m a UCAS Marine and it’s your ass’ a voice growls. Vash can hear footsteps coming down the stairs so he throws himself out the window. Or tries. The window is plexiglass and he comically rebounds off of it, landing flat on his back and losing his cool helmet in the process. He jumps up and pulls a revolver firing at the window to crack it so he can try again. He’s more than a little surprised when he’s nearly blown out the window by the concussion grenade the former Marine tossed in the kitchen.

He gets up sans revolver and legs it, He slides his riot shield on his back which saves his life as former Sergeant Cook shoots him twice. Vash is nearly knocked off the fire escape ladder but he keeps climbing. A round punches through his bicep and he falls, knocking the wind out of him again. He stands up only to get shot twice more in the guts. He’s bleeding profusely and staggering as he stumbles away from the angry Marine. He makes it to end of the alley and collapses into Otis’ cab. In a cloud of celery and praise to Allah, he’s delivered to Patch’s clinic. He deposits his armor and weapons and on his last legs is finally allowed to see the doc. Unfortunately his wounds (four gunshot wounds, hairline fractured skull, massive blood loss and infection) prove too much and Vash dies on the table.

The rest of the team takes Allan to the BatDwarfCave where they load up the Monstrosity and proceed to spend the rest of the weekend out of town. They tolerate Allans whining and find out he’s got a 250 K bounty on his head for killing a Yakuza honcho while drunk at a pacinko parlor. His dad a up and coming corper is bailing him out constantly and apparently going to do it again

Monday morning, Unknown Salish airstrip. The Monstrosity rumbles into view and stops near an ancient cracked runway. Allan looking way less fresh stumbles down the ramp into the daylight and calls Murphy ‘I guess they did an ok job’. He then waits. A plane touches down and he enters. The team hears muffled arguing as it takes off again and then a clear gunshot. They see a small dot hurled from the plane to splatter on the mountains below. Guess Daddy got tired of paying the bills and cleaning up messes, neh?

The team returns to the Cave collects their cars and head to the pub where Murphy pays them.



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