Blood and Ferrocrete (A Shadowrun 3rd edition Game)

The Name of a Rose

Or: I couldn't think of a more clever title.

From Samriel’s Mental Journal:
16-09-54 (September 17th, 2054)

Lately, I just sigh quietly to myself when I think about my life. You know, there was a time when I was respected. I was well-renowned in the field of magical research. I had money, free time, professional and intellectual fulfilment from my job, I was spiritually at peace, mentally energetic. Things were good.

And then, something happened. And I don’t even know what. All anyone could tell me was that there was an accident at the lab, and everything was destroyed, and I was in a coma for just over a year. And that’s… all I know. I don’t know what happened, or if it was even something I did, or something else entirely. And when I woke up? All my savings was gone. My girlfriend had left me. My lab was destroyed. And I was blackballed by every magical research corporation on the bloody planet after the incident with the lab. And so, for lack of other options and trying to figure out a way to learn about something new and interesting to restore my reputation. I did alright for a couple of months, and then Charlotte hooked me up with Murphy. And nothing’s been bloody predictable since then.

For example:

Last night I got a call from Murphy, asking if I had time for a quick job for him. I didn’t really have anything major going on, so I said sure, and drove on into the city to the Shamrock. I parked and went into the bar and headed for the war room. There I found Captain Jack and a new person, a mohawked redhead human woman who identified herself as Bella Rose.

The job was pretty simple. We were told to be at Pier 39 at 2am to pick up a package from a hispanic man in a Zodiac, with the passphrase that “K” sent us. We’d get the package, and take it to 160 1st Street in Redmond, which was a dilapidated 4-story tenament building with a post office box in front of it. We were to yell “Kolmetz” and then once it was picked up, leave. Lacking a car, we rented Murphy’s van. Jack was able to determine that there was a gang of trolls in the area, named the Dockers, both because they’re dock-workers and due to the excellent pants that they wear. I wasn’t much excited by the five hundred nuyen Murphy was offering, but since he’d said he was doing the job for a friend, I said I’d do it for him as a favor rather than going home. He figured it’d cost him more than five hundred nuyen in the end, but agreed to owe me a favor if I did the job.

We spoke with K-Fin to acquire drugs to give to the Dockers, and K-Fin offered us a pair of yellow pills he located in his car somewhere and didn’t know what it was. And Bella Rose… ate them. Right there. Right before the job, she consumed the pills of unknown drugs. I don’t know what effects she was experiencing, but after she barely got into the van, and started being annoying, I asked Jack if I should knock her out. And Jack agreed. So I stunbolted her so she could sleep it off. And then, since we had time to kill, Jack decided he wanted to go to Wenches ‘N’ Grog, the local pirate bar.

As we pulled up, someone tossed a grenade into the parking lot. We parked and Jack went in. I watched them play strange pirate games, wondering what it is about my life that I’ve wound up here. I banged my head on the steering wheel after one of the pirates fell into the water from some cargo netting. Maybe I’m being tested, in some sort of Job-like manner. I don’t know.

Speaking of being tested, when I hit my head on the steering wheel, I accidently hit the horn, and it attracted the attention of a couple of drunken pirates, who proceeded to tell me about Jack’s adventures in lecherousness. I tried to laugh at the appropriate junctures to avoid offending them. During this, Bella Rose evidently woke up, and left the van, and went into the bar. Loud fighting ensued. And so did more banging my head on the steering wheel. Bella Rose comes back, sobered up some, and we proceed with the actual job.

We went down to the docks and I went to scout the place out. Five trolls. Nothing astrally interesting. So Jack and Bella Rose went to talk to the gangers while I played astral overwatch. Jack gave them the drugs, and then apparently Bella Rose was still high and sort of wandered off or something. So I worked on guarding Jack from the astral.

A Zodiac came up to the dock after Jack set up the signal device. Hispanic. Not very interesting. About that time, I saw an astral metahuman who looked like he was a detective, who identified himself as being there in an official capacity and I needed to leave. I told Jack over the mindlink what happened, and headed back for my body, about the time bright lights came on.

I drove Murphy’s van over to pick Jack up because things were going hairy, and pulled up alongside without stopping, the door open. Jack leapt in, looking rather impressive I thought, even if it was a little insane. I punched it (as best as a van can be said to do so) and headed for the highway, and merged into traffic. Astrally projecting once I turned on the auto-nav, I watched for pursuit. And the imp I’d summoned showed me the… well, anymore I can’t even say it was the most revolting thing I’ve ever seen. Blood spirits had been hypothesised, but… somehow assensing it by proxy at least, it felt… wrong.

So, we drove to Redmond, and dropped off the package. The tall robed and cowled figure came out to retrieve the package. He gave us our money, and he gave me an odd chip. I’m interested to know what it has on it. Surprisingly, Jack declined the chip. And so I went home. I don’t know where Bella Rose went to.



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