Captain Calico Jack



Skills A
Magic B
Attributes C
Race D
Resources E

Thermographic Vision
Resist to Disease/Toxin

Char Name Calico Jack
Real Name David
Birth Date
Birth Place

Friendly Face
TN -1 All initial social interactions

TN -2 for all social skill tests.

Pirate Family
Has family in most major ports

Flaw sea legs
Code of Honour


Body 3(5)
Quickness 6
Strength 3
Charisma 6
Intelligence 6
Willpower 7
Essence 6
Magic 8
Reaction 6(12)
Initiative 4d6

Combat 10
Karma 5



Athletics 6
Pistols 6
Etiquette 5/7 Criminal
Intimidation 6
Negotiation 6
Leadership 6
Ship 6
Groundcraft 3
Gunnery 6

4 Karma Build repair pistols 2
4 Karma – Car 3
8 Karma – Interrogation 3

Criminal organizations 4
Arms dealers 3
Fences 3
Smuggling havens 3
Smuggling routes 6
Metahumanity 2
Navigation (sea) 5/7
Alcohol 3

14- Unarmed combat 4

3 – Pirate trid broadcasters 2
3 – Street Rumors 2
3- Underworld politics 2
10- Shadowruners 4

PhysAd Adept

24 Karma Initiation Level 2
Item Atunement Jacks Flintlock

Power points 8

Improved physical attribute Quickness 3 -1.5 PP
Improved physical attribute Body 2 -1 PP
Improved reflexes 3 – 5 PP
Kinesics 1 – 1PP
Sustenance – 0.25 PP
Vision Magnification – 0.25 PP
Directional sense 0.25
Enhanced hearing 0.25
Low light 0.25
Flare comp 0.25
sound dampening 0.25
spatial recognizer 0.25
select sound filter 5 0.25
Iron lungs 0.25

Secure Jacket 5/3
Form fitting Full Body Suit 4/1
Ruger Super Warhawk SS 12M
Pocket sec
Sleeping Bag
Ration Bars (10 Days)
7-Rnd Clip
8-Rnd Clip
8-Rnd Clip
8-Rnd Clip
8-Rnd Clip
Personalized Grip
Quickdraw concealed Holster
Speed loader
Custom Finish
Fake sin rating 3
Thousand nuyen suit
5 standard outfits
spare rating 3 fake sin
Ruffled Pirate shirt etc

C. Terrain Pickup 3/3
Speed 100
Acceleration 7
Body 4
Armor 5
Fuel Efficiency D(120L) 6 km/l
Sig 2
Seating 2+3b
Entry 2d+1h+1x
Cargo 16/18
Load 325

Armor 5 Water speed 45 Life support 10 hours 2cf remaining


Contact Murphy 1
Contact Kane level 2
Betsy and Becky 1


Spent 76
Karma left 2

Pirate code

You’re doing it wrong.


Does it matter? Fine.

Born on the high seas, probably in the burmuda triangle, frag don’t even know whats there anymore, probably some dragons domain or some drek like that.

When? Sometime in the year 1989 not exactly sure. Hows that work? Parents never lived to tell me. Capn told me I was born at sea, must’ve been something on my parents ship to tell her that. Buncha pirates raid a ship, and find some stunted baby, how am I alive? The Code.
Cassidy Barbossa’s code, Surrender or Die. You ever seen a new born say “I surrender” Thought not.
Least life was never boring.
Crew got used to me, the Cap’n was and forever will be the Cap’n and the awakening happened not that most of us noticed, at least for a while.
I left come 18, capn sent me off in a dingy with a week worth of rations and with her very own revolver, I use it to this day. Must’ve been a month before I saw another ship, damn lucky I had that gun, their captain recognized it, seems my Cap’n had quite a rep. Long story short I stormed their crew and sailed the seas for a long time profiting from the chaos of the awakening. Can’t say I liked their way of doing things, But I soon enough brought them the Code

Captain Calico Jack

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