eva blackwood


Body 4 Quickness 6 Strength 3 Charisma 4 Intelligence 4 Willpower 3
Essence 6.00 Run Mult. 3 Magic 6 BioIndex 0 Reaction 5(7) Init. Dice 1(2)

Adept Abilities:

Imp Abl Phys Skl/Stealth(QCK)/Sneaking 3
Imp. Sense: Thermo Vision
Imp. Sense: Sound Dampening
Imp. Sense: Flare Comp.
Imp. Reflexes Level 1
Imp. Sense: Enhanced Hearing
Imp Abl Phys Skl/Athletics(BOD) 2
Side Step 2
Mystic Armor

Etiquette/Street [2/4] Gang Identification(KNO) 3
Whips 6 Prostitution Rackets(KNO) 3
P:P:Unarmed Combat-SR3 3 Gang Turf(KNO) 3
P:Stealth/Sneaking [5/7] English(LAN) 3
Negotiation/Bargain [3/5] English(LAN) (RW) 1
Pistols 6 Welsh(LAN) 1
Assault Rifles 6 Japanese(LAN) 2
Submachine Guns 6 Japanese(LAN) (RW) 1
Electronics/Security Systems [2/4] Smuggling Routes(KNO) 4
Lock Picking 2 AC:Chemistry(KNO) 3
Athletics/Escape Artist [3/5] Safehouse Locations(KNO) 2
Forgery 1 Smuggler Havens(KNO) 2

Ares Viper Slivergun Smart1 (HPist) Silencer, Fires Flechettes Only Smart1
X:Ares Alpha (AsRf) Grenade Launcher 8(m), RC, Smartlink2
X:Heckler & Koch HK227 (SMG) Laser Sight, Gas Vent II, Retr. Stock(1RC)
X:Dart Pistol None
+x: Dart, Cyanide
+X: Dart, Gamma-Scopolamine
+X: Smartlink level II, External
+X: Smart Goggles level I
+X: Silencer

Type Conc Ball Imp
X:Form-fitting Full-Body Suit 12 4 1
X:V-Island “Actioneer” Long Coat 13 2 2
X:Victory “Rapid Transit” Hvy J. 6 2 4
X:Victory “Rapid Transit” Helmet - - +2

Grapple Gun @sr3.295 2.25
Stealth Grapple Line (100m) @sr3.295 3
Micro-Recorder 1 @sr3.292 -
Neuro-stun IX @mm.121
Wrist Phone w/Flip-Up Screen @sr3.287 -
Pocket Computer (10Mp) @sr3.287 1
Tracking Signal Lv 1 @sr3.292 -
Chemsuit Lv 2 @sr3.295 1
Neuro-stun IX @mm.121
Neuro-stun IX @mm.121
Arsenic @mm.118
Arsenic @mm.118
CS/Tear Gas @mm.118
CS/Tear Gas @mm.118
CS/Tear Gas @mm.118
CS/Tear Gas @mm.118
CS/Tear Gas @mm.118
Lockpick Set @sota.100 1
Antidote Patch 2 @sr3.304 -
Tranq Patch 1 @sr3.304 -
Glasscutter Rating 1 @sota.97 -
Suction Cup @sota.97 1
Gecko gloves
Total Weight 29.32

Flaws And Edges:
Biorejection(Magic Active) -2
Night Vision 2
Choker→1 -2
Resistance to Toxins 1
Allergy Uncom & Mild→ -2
Connected lvl 1→ 1


Race Human Height 5’8" cm
Sex Female Weight kg
Eyes light blue Hair black, long usualy tied back
Birthplace pembrokeshire, wales
Total Karma 0
Unspent Karma 0

1) originaly raised in Pembrokeshire county but spent the majority of her life living in the more unsavoury areas of Cardiff.
2) to her knowledge her mother was a welsh druid and her father was hunter and animal trapper and they were both highly regarded by eco- warrior elves of the uk because of the work they had done (but this is also the reason she was taken from her family)
3)welsh pagan background
4)5’8 and slim toned figure her skin is very pale and contrasts with her big pale blue eyes and jet black hair. Shes had a hard life and has gained a pretty tough exterior so she’s always got a stern look on her face but can turn on the charm at will
5) she dresses in form fitting catsuits or tight black jeans and tshirts, she has a bit of a ghetto- punk look about her. spacer piercings in each ear and always wears knee high lace up boots
6)no quirks really

7) she learned her combat skills from her companion ‘Flex’ who is the elven eco terrorist that saves her from the brothel she’s forced to work in after she was kidnapped in revenge for her parents actions against a major corportion.
8) from her life in the street and around the gangs and other ‘working girls’ but other info she learned from flex and other pendragon associates that she met. As a prostitute she was often used to work in newcoke factories and forced to make deliveries so this gave her knowledge of drug trade.
9)before leaving the uk flex arranged a meeting with an old pendragon friend that could source out weapons and equipment
10) technicaly she still lives in cardiff but for the time she is in Seatle
11) flex, his associate that i buy gear from and now crash
12)just the gang related to her kidnapping
13)a druidic friend of her mother, they met post escape at a safehouse
15)shes not affraid to take somone out or ruin some ones life if they have done her wrong (or if shes getting paid for it) but would not go out of her way to be evil
16) to find the corporate mage that was her parents arch rival and the one who ordered her kidnap

eva blackwood

Blood and Ferrocrete (A Shadowrun 3rd edition Game) LZA