John "Grinder" Morris (Deceased Killed by Scarlet)

Rugged looking human male with facial scars and two obvious metal arms


Current Name John Grinder Morris
Real Name Jack Phillips
Creator OurTeam
Archetype Street Samurai
Race Human Height 190 cm
Sex Male Weight 110 kg
Eyes Blue Hair Brown
Birthdate 6 June 2039
Birthplace Seattle
Total Karma 8
Unspent Karma 8
Rugged looking human male with facial scars and two obvious metal cyberarms
Body 4(6)
Quickness 6
Strength 5(7)
Charisma 3
Intelligence 6
Willpower 3
Essence 0.09
Run Mult. 3
Magic 0
BioIndex 0
Reaction 6(11)
Init. Dice 1(3)
Karma 1 Spell 0
Combat 7 Task 0
Control 0
Hacking 0 Astral 0
Type Conc Ball Imp
X:Armor Jacket 6 5 3

Standard/starting 5000¥
Credstick Total ==>> 5000¥

Low Lifestyle -5000 Room 4a No-Tell Motel in Redlight District
Middle Lifestyle Room 26A Seattle Hilton Behind 1 month on rent

Edges & Flaws

Home Ground→Seattle Downtown -1 Social Tests/-2 Knowledge Tests in area 2
Ambidexterity-2 +1 first weapon +2 Second weapon 2
Flashbacks→Explosions Willpower 6 Test or incapacitated for 1d6 rounds -4
Active Skills
Athletics 4
Cyber Implant Combat/Spurs [4/6]
Edged Weapons 3
Etiquette/Street [2/4]
Leadership 3
Pistols 6
Stealth 4
Submachine Guns 6

Knowledge and Language Skills
IN:Bushido Philosophy(KNO) 5
English(LAN) 5
English(LAN) (RW) 2
Gang Identification(KNO) 4
Japanese(LAN) 4
Japanese(LAN) (RW) 2
IN:Japanese Society(KNO) 3
SW:Megacorporate Security(KNO) 4
Security Procedures(KNO) 4
Shadowrunner Haunts(KNO) 4
Small Unit Tactics(KNO) 6

Type Dmg Con Rch Sht (4) Med (5) Lng (6) XtM (9) Mode Ammo Wt.
X:Survival Knife(EDG) (STR+2)L 6 - 0.75
Sword(EDG) (STR+2)M 4 1 1X
X:Ares Predator Smart1 (HPist) None Smart1 9M 5 5 20 40 60 SA 15© 2.75
X: Silencer Barrel (-2) - 0.2
+ 300Regular Rnds - 8 15X
+ 100EX Explosive Rnds (see rules) 8 7.5X
Colt American L36 Smart1 (LPist) None Smart1 6L 6 5 15 30 50 SA 11© 1.5X
+ Concealable Holster - (
2) - 0.1X
+ 150Regular Rnds - 8 7.5X
X:Ingram Smartgun Mod. 20t (SMG) Smartlink, Fold. Stock(1RC), Gas Vent II 7M 5 10 40 80 150 BF/FA 32© 3
+ 400Regular Rnds - 8 20X
+ 100Gel Rnds (see rules) 8 2.5X
Ingram Smartgun Mod. 20t (SMG) Smartlink, Fold. Stock(1RC), Gas Vent II 7M 5 10 40 80 150 BF/FA 32© 3X
+X: 5Concussion Grenade B:-1/m 12M Stun 6 1.25
+ Ultrasound Goggles NA - - -X
+ Ultrasound Sight Top/Under (-2) - 0.25X

Name Slot(1-6) Stress Notes
Eyes, Cyber Replacement(A) E:0.16 sr3.300|Holds .5 Essence of eye mods free of Essence cost
+ Eyes, Flare Comp(A) E:0.08 sr3.300|Eliminate glare modifiers
+ Eyes, Disp Link(A) E:0.08 sr3.300|Display text in field of vision
+ Eyes, Low-Light(A) E:0.16 sr3.300|Low-light vision
+ Eyes, Prot. Covers(A) E:0.00 sr3.300|Protect eyes
+ Eyes, Thermographic(A) E:0.16 sr3.300|Thermographic vision
+ Ear Dampener(A) E:0.08 sr3.299|Protect against loud/damaging sound
Datajack(A) E:0.16 sr3.298|
Dermal Plating 1(A) E:0.40 sr3.302|1BOD
+ Ear Hearing Amp(A) E:0.16 sr3.299|Similar to shotgun microphone
Pair Obv. Cyb Arms E:2.00 sr3.303|
Smartlink E:0.25 sr3.302|-2 to TNs for firing a Smartlinked weapon
Spur, Retract E:0.00 sr3.302|(STR)M
Spur, Retract E:0.00 sr3.302|(STR)M
Str Enh 3 (Pair) E:0.00 sr3.303|
Reaction Enhance 1 E:0.30 sr3.302|1RCT
Wired Reflexes 2(A) E:2.40 sr3.302|
Name Occup. Archetype Race/Desc Location/LTG# Lev
Arnie Armorer Messy middleaged dwarf who owns a sporting goods store in Renton. He deals illegal guns, explosives, and armor out of the basement. Isher Sports/ 1
Regina Bartender Fiery redheaded dwarf barkeep at the Dwarf Bar. Grinder has done some bouncing there before. Hobbit Hole/ 1
Murphy O’Bannon Fixer Irish fixer rumored to be a wanted terrorist in the Tir. The Shamrock/ 1

Not Carried Gear Wt Carried Gear Wt
DocWagon: Gold Service @sr3.304 -
Micro-Transceiver 5 @sr3.290 -
2Restraints, Plasteel @sr3.294 -
2Stimulant Patch 6 @sr3.304 -
Trauma Patch @sr3.304 -
Wrist Phone @sr3.287 -
Total Weight 9.95


Grinder is a former Ares Macrotechnology Desert Wars veteran who suffers from traumatic flashbacks caused by being blown up by an enemy IED during the Wars. This is also how he lost his arms. He has very few friends, the closest being Arnie his weapons dealer. He moved to Seattle after being medically discharged from Ares. He paid to have himself zeroed out in the system and voluntarily became a runner figuring that no one would hire a combat monster in the real world and not EVER wanting to be part of a megacorp again.
After returning to Seattle, he made friends with Regina since she was the one who turned him on to Arnie when he inquired after some weapons. Arnie in turn got him a better job than being a part time bouncer by introducing him to Murphy.

John "Grinder" Morris (Deceased Killed by Scarlet)

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