Scarlet (Madison Murphy)

Lithe and athletic with fiery red hair done up in knotwork, this woman is no one to mess with.


Current Name Scarlet
Street Name Scarlet
Real Name Madison Murphy
Archetype Gunslinger Adept/Covert Ops
Race Human Height 5’8" cm
Sex Female Weight 130 lbs kg
Eyes Emerald green Hair Fiery red and shoulder length
Birthdate 19 June 2044
Birthplace Dallas, TX
Total Karma 19
Unspent Karma 9
Standard/starting 1714¥
Other ¥
Credstick Total ==>> 1714¥
(1) Lo:Room 3a at the No-Tell Motel( Redlight District) :03/64
Edges & Flaws
Body 3
Quickness 6
Strength 3
Charisma 4
Intelligence 5
Willpower 3
Essence 6.00
Run Mult. 3
Magic 6
BioIndex 0
Reaction 5
Init. Dice 1
Karma 2 Spell 4
Combat 7 Task 0
Control 0
Hacking 0 Astral 0
Type Conc Ball Imp
X:7Ordinary Clothing - - -
X:Form-fitting Full-Body Suit 12 4 1
X:Camo Full Suit (Urban) - 5 3
Nonconductive 2
Thermal Dampening 2
Sneak Rem Gloves

P:Pistols 5/8
Throwing Weapons 3
MA:Aikido 3
P:Athletics 4/6
P:Stealth 5/7
Etiquette/Street [3/5]
Etiquette/Corporate [3/3]
Negotiation 3
Intimidation 3
Interrogation 2
Biotech 2
Computer 2
Disguise 3
Electronics/Security Systems [2/4]
Lock Picking 2
Car 2
Pistols B/R 1
Knowledge & Language
Arms Dealers(KNO) 1
Local Neighborhood(KNO) 2
Lone Star Tactics(KNO) 2
Police Procedures(KNO) 1
Security Procedures(KNO) 1
Shadowrunner Haunts(KNO) 1
AC:Gunsmithing(KNO) 2
AC:Security Systems(KNO) 2
AC:Security Devices(KNO)/Detection Measures [3/5]
IN:Legendary Martial Artists(KNO) 2
IN:Meditation(KNO) 3
IN:Popular Culture(KNO) 1
IN:Pornography(KNO) 1
AK:Downtown Seattle(KNO) 1
AK:Red Light District (KNO) 1
Spanish(LAN) 2
Spanish(LAN) (RW) 1
Sperethiel(LAN) 2
Sperethiel(LAN) (RW) 1
Japanese(LAN) 3
Japanese(LAN) (RW) 1

Type Dmg Con Rch Sht (4) Med (5) Lng (6) XtM (9) Mode Ammo Wt.
X:Shock Glove(UNA) 7S Stun 9 - 0.5
X:Ares Predator II (HPist)SL2 9M 4 5 20 40 60 SA 15© 2.5
+X: Quick Draw Holster +2 0.1
+X: Silencer Barrel -2 0.2
+X: Smartlink 2, Ext2 Top/Under -2- 0.75
+X: Smart Shades II - - - 0.1
+X: 515-Rnd Clip (Gel) - 8 5.625
+X: 515-Rnd Clip (Regular) - 8
Physical Adept Powers
Name Cost Notes
Killing Hands STR 2.0000 sr3.170:This power uses magic to turn unarmed attacks into serious physical damage.
Empathic Reading 4 1.0000 sta2.65:The adept senses if someone is lying. Receive -1 on target number per level when talking to someone who lies.
Imp Abl Combat Skl/Pistols(QCK) 2 1.0000 sr3.169:This power gives you additional dice for use with a specific Active Skill.
Imp Abl Phys Skl/Athletics(BOD) 2 0.5000 sr3.169:This power gives you additional dice for use with a specific Active Skill.
Imp Abl Phys Skl/Stealth(QCK) 2 1.0000 sr3.169:This power gives you additional dice for use with a specific Active Skill.
Kinesics 0.5000 Sr3.170 An adept with kinesics has complete control over her bodies nonverbal and unconscious communication.

Not Carried Gear Wt Carried Gear Wt
Maglock Passkey 3 Small Military Rucksack @sota.75 0.5
Grapple Gun @sr3.295 2.25
Stealth Grapple Line (100m) @sr3.295 3
Stealth Line Catalyst Stick @sr3.295 0
Basic Medkit @sr3.304 3
Medkit Supplies @sr3.304 -
Tranq Patch 10 @sr3.304 -
Tranq Patch 10 @sr3.304 -
Tranq Patch 10 @sr3.304 -
Total Weight 36.275

Ford Americar
Type of Vehicle: Sedans
Handling Speed/Accel Body/Armor Signature/Autonav Pilot/Sensor
4/8 105/8 3/1 2/2 -/1
Cargo/Load Seating Firm Points Hard Points
12/110 2+1b
Nitrous Oxide Injectors 1
Autonavigation System 2
Vehicle Armor 1
Anti-Theft System 4

R-C Deck Ports
Damage: L M S D


Name Occup. Archetype Race/Desc Location/LTG# Lev
Quinn Combat Decker Unknown as hes only available online / 1
Lashawnda Riggs LS Beat Cop Cop African American human female, Dad’s former partner in the Rangers. Downtown 2
Murphy O’Bannon Fixer Fixer Tattooed Irish Male Elf The Shamrock/ 1


1) Where’s your character from? Dallas, TX, CSA
2) Does your character have a family? Dad was a former Texas Ranger, Mom was a researcher at an Aztechnology subsidiary.
Mom died under mysterious circumstances after being transferred to the Pyramid in Seattle. She left behind an encrypted datadisk.
Dad helped me move to the city and hook up with his old partner, Lashawnda.
3) Does your character have an ethnic background? Irish/Mutt
4) What does your character look like? Lithe and athletic with fiery red hair
5) What does your character dress like? Off duty fashionable minskirts and heels, On the job, camo and gear
6) Does your character have physical quirks? Easily annoyed by incompetence.
7) Where did your character learn their Active Skills? Trained by dad and buddies. After moving to Seattle, found an aikido trainer in Chinatown
8) Where did your character learn their Knowledge Skills? College student before Mom died
9) Where did your character get his goodies? Dad paid for my first kit, the rest has come from jobs
10) Where does your character live? Motel room in RLD
11) Who are your character’s contacts? Lashawnda, Beat cop LS Seattle, Quinn, Decker, Murphy, Fixer
12) Who are your character’s enemies? Aztechnology
13) How did your character learn magic? Developed during puberty, honed by trainers Dad hired
14) What are your character’s likes and dislikes?Likes cats and some pop culture, hates everything Aztechnology related
15) What is your character’s moral code? No kids or familys, no vendettas/revenge hits.
16) Does your character have goals? Get Mom’s disk decrypted and find out who killed her. Destroy Aztechnology
17) Does your character have personal beliefs? Whatever Mom was working on had to be big and she will find the truth
18) Does your character have personality quirks? Quick temper around morons and slow people
19) Why does your character run the shadows? Quickest way to find out what the hell happened
20) How does your character view his/her role as a shadowrunner? She likes it and its an easy way to accomplish her goals.

Scarlet (Madison Murphy)

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