Blood and Ferrocrete (A Shadowrun 3rd edition Game)

Rampage in Redmond

16 March 2064
The Day before St. Patty’s, the crew assembles in the Shamrock and is told by Murphy they’ll need to dress up for the next meet cause it’s at Matchsticks. Everyone but Grinder pays Murphy to acquire clothing. Grinder who has 98 yen to his name and has just been booted out of the Hilton to live at the No-Tell Motel, hops the mono to Redmond. He buys a 70 yen suit off Barney the Cheap Suit Guy who runs his biz out of a GM Stepvan and is known to be excessively friendly.
2000: The team arrives at Matchsticks via AngryJack’s Combat Cab and King tells everyone to act cool because it’s custom for the J to buy dinner. They go inside and order drinks.
2030: They are collected by the waitress who leads them to a backroom. They order a second round
2035: The J arrives with his two bodyguards. The team is to be paid 5K each to recover a briefcase that was taken from a courier of his by a gang called the Seven Plagues. They are given a week to do the job.
2100: Alex leaves without telling his team where he’s going
2110: The team decides that they need a vehicle for this gig. Grinder decides to steal Barney’s van. They call a cab and ride with Otis and his Hindi music for an hour. They are let off at the get off ramp in Redmond.
2215: A homeless ork wanders up and Grinder gives him the last 28 yen he has. This apparently sparks psychosis cause the sammy sprints off at high speed towards Barneys. Meow gives chase, leaving Lisa standing there a bit dazed.
2218: Meow comes to a screeching halt upon rounding the corner and nearly running into half a dozen trolls from the Rusted Stilettos who are passing around a bottle of RocketFuel and tell him he has to pay the ‘Troll Toll’. He balks a bit but realizes he’s not wearing armor and isn’t a troll, so he lies and says Grinder has his money. The lead Troll, Smash, asks if Meow will pay them to get it back. Meow says Sure. Smash pulls his Ruger and activates his ElectroMag Vision sighting in on the still visible running like hell Grinder half a block away.
2219: A fist sized chunk of brick explodes near Grinder’s head. He pours on the speed, darts into Barney’s alley where the friendly little man is sitting having a smoke. Grinder doesn’t break stride, just pops his spur and plunges it into Barney’s torso. Barney collapses instantly, bleeding everywhere as Grinder loots his pockets and jumps into the van.
2220: Meow sneaks away from the trigger happy trolls and heads back to the ramp.
2220: Grinder backs out of the alley and heads for I90 as Smash’s bullets rip holes in the van and shatter the windshield.
2225: Grinder stops at the top of the ramp and dumps all of the suits in the street. Homeless Ork Bob from earlier begins stacking them up as the sky opens up and it rains.
2230: Lisa reluctantly gets in the stolen van and Grinder takes off after Meow says he’s not riding with the crazy guy. He waits for AngryJack instead..
2300: ..who arrives with his rear turret firing at a helicopter. He does a screaming J-turn and the rear door gullwings open, allowing Meow to jump in. AngryJack plows his cab off the road and down into the woods as Meow is ping ponged around the back seat. A rocket explodes nearby taking out part of the forest. Meow covers his head and wishes he’d stayed home.
2345: Meow is let out at the Welcome to Seattle sign on I90 in a pouring rainstorm. He waits and contemplates his next move as a familiar black van pulls up. He decides to rejoin the team and they take the quick route through Downtown, Grinder and Lisa soaked and bedraggled from the lack of a windshield.
0005: Suddenly, red and blue lights in the rearview. Rookie Simms of LoneStar pulls them over and fails to ask for ID as Grinder tells a sad story of being jumped by go gangers. The rookie cop leads them to Roscoe’s Garage and takes off.
0020: Grinder rushes inside (apparently the madness was still in effect) and sells the van for 300 nuyen. The tired team takes the monorail to their respective homes and goes to sleep.
3 hours earlier…
2200: Alex arrives in Puyallup and accosts a vagrant, paying him 10 nuyen to find a ganger bar. The hobo points him in the direction of The Firepole.
2210: Alex wanders inside the bar and sees lots of men dressed in lots of leather and latex. He is somewhat taken aback that the bar is a gay ganger bar, home of the Leather Devils. He buys a drink and keeps his cool though. He finds a Devil and learns that the Plagues have set up shop right down the street
2230: Alex parks near the Plagues warehouse and heads up a fire escape, looking for a vantage point. He goes to the sixth floor where a curtained sliding glass door blocks the trid thats on inside. He can hear beer cans being opened. He knocks…
2233: And hears the drunk guy inside open his FRONT door and mutter fucking kids.
2235: He knocks again louder
2236: He hears the guy get up and cock a pump shotgun before whipping the curtain back.
2236: King asks ’How’d you like to make some money?’
2236: Drunk guy replies ’How’d you like to get blasted off my fucking fire escape?’
2237: King wisely leaves and goes down to the fifth floor where its dark. He uses his Killing Hands (CRASH!!!) to shatter the door and enter. Bloodstained chalk outlines, bullet riddled walls, and a urine smelling couch are all that is in here. But at least he has a clear view of the warehouse. He waits
2300: And waits
0200: And waits
0400: And waits
0800: And waits
1000: and finally calls the team to let them know he found the guys they were looking for. The team doesn’t want a cab and can’t take the mono to Puyallup since an eco terrorist group blew up the lines out that way so they call Chance and have him come get them in his tow truck.
1300: The team arrives at the buildings front and sees a maglocked grate. Lisa picks it and they enter, much to the consternation of the counterman who yells at them. Lisa pulls his gun and he ducks, leaving them to walk up the stairs unmolested.
1330: The team arrives at the crime scene tape locked door and Alex greets them. They plan
1430: And Plan
1530: and finally a buyer arrives down below for the case. Meow mentions stealing another vehicle since that plan worked so well last time. As luck would have it, a van with freshly bondoed holes and a new windshield pulls in the alley. The two runner types inside exit and head down the street towards the bar after locking it.
1600: The team is down by the van. Grinder is stymied by the locked door so he punches in the driver’s side window, triggering the car alarm that was recently (like last night) installed. He quickly pops the hood and disconnects the battery just as Lisa is twisting the hotwires together. He reconnects the battery and the alarm starts screaming again. The Plagues ork guards wander over to see what in the fuck is going on.
1610: Lisa pulls the alarm and YAY the team has wheels. Which is good cause the buyers are leaving with the case.
1630: The team ambushes the buyers and a swarm of concussion grenades and gunfire later, leave a shattered Americar and two bullet riddled dead guys in the middle of the street.
1730: They meet the J and get paid.

A Long Night

15 February 2064
Meet: 1700, The Shamrock, Grinder, Lisa, Alex, Chance, and Meow/Max meet Murphy who tells them the Johnson wants to meet them in Renton at 1900. Alex takes his motorbike, Chance and Meow take his sports car and the rest ride the mono as usual.
1900: The team arrives at 1125 Pine St #103 and is passed through by a large troll. They are met in the lobby by a chromed elf who leads them into a boardroom with tridscreens playing and then Mr. J exits a secret door.
1905: He tells them they are to extract Dr. Adrian Hall from a company called Aurora. The set up is they will be A/C repairmen. The J provides jumpsuits and namebadges. The team plans and waits for the call.
2000: Chance does a drive by with Meow and the two realize they don’t have enough radios for the team. These are necessary because they hired Quint the decker to run overwatch for them and he needs a radio frequency. Calls are made and Arnie agrees to see Grinder and Lisa, who take the work van to pickup the gear
2100: At Arnies, money is spent for 2 camcorders and 2 radios of questionable quality. The pair of runners race back to the rally point 2 blocks from the Aurora facility
2300: Various plans are made and discarded. It is decided that all of the runners will pile their weapons and armor in the trunk of Chance’s car. He launches his skidlid up over the building for eyes on the situation.
2315: The team arrives and is led into the site. They are patted down but the guards overlook the toolbags (which hold a taser). They are led up to the lab where Dr. Hall is.
2330: They poke around the A/C awhile then Alex decides they need different tools from the truck. The pair of guards watching them calls another pair to escort Grinder and Alex back to the truck while Meow and Lisa stay put.
2335: The second pair of guards arrive and lead Grinder and Alex away. One has a SMG in front and his partner is behind the two runners with a shotgun. In the stairwell, Alex kicks the legs out of SMG guard while Grinder spins and pops his spur. Grinder lunges at the guard, who grabs his outstretched hand and spins the samurai, kicking HIM down the stairs. Alex pulls the taser and shocks the SMG guard as Grinder jumps up…just in time to catch a blast from the 12-gauge. He goes down with a gaping hole and spurting blood where his collarbone used to be. Alex tases the shotgunner
2336: Meow and Lisa hear the guard’s radio ‘THESE GUYS ARE ATTACKING US!’ and both room guards aim their weapons in the runners faces. Lisa immediately begins stammering about how she doesn’t know these people and that it’s her first day. Meow pops his spur and tries to knock the shotgun away and stab. He slashes the guards chest, spraying blood and gore. Lisa kicks the SMG out of the other guards hand. The other guard quickdraws his Predator, prompting Lisa to dive for cover as he fires, clipping her bicep.
2337: Blood leaking from her arm, Lisa grabs the SMG and sprays a quick burst at the standing guard, dropping him. Meow stabs the other guard through the throat and is drenched from head to waist in arterial spray. He steps over and deftly kills the fallen guard as Alex and Grinder burst into the room, holding weapons.
2340: The team dresses Dr. Hall in an armorjacket as Quint cuts the camera feeds and locks the doors.
Chance spots the outside guards trying to get in and speeds his GM 3220 past the front gate, his Steel Lynx springing out of the trunk like a demented mechanical Jack-in-the-Box.
2345: As the team races towards their van with Dr. Hall in tow, Chance has Quint open the front gate so his drone can roll in shooting. One of the two guards trying to get in the front door goes down in a hail of gunfire that shatters the glass as the other sprints around the corner.
Another guard runs towards the cover of the gate house and is clipped. Chance rolls in and sees that guard is on his cellphone. He shoots, shattering the phone and maiming the guard. He finishes him off with a burst as he rolls towards the team van. His microskimmer’s camera shows another guard hiding near the teams van. Chance shoots but the guard dodges, causing a line of holes in the van. This continues for a few seconds before he finally catches a burst in the face, ending the showdown.
2348: The team bursts out of the loading dock and clambers into the van, putting the Lynx in and locking down its wheels. Improvised bandages prevent Grinder and Lisa from bleeding out but there is a mess.
2352: The van hurtles out of the open front gate heading for the Johnson’s office when suddenly a rotodrone with a minigun appears behind them. It fires but Alex manages to dodge, causing the rain of 7.62mm to stitch the pavement. It fires again and again but Alex keeps swerving until it runs out of signal range and has to turn back. Car alarms scream from the line of parked cars that are looking kind of shredded by the misses. The team pulls into an alley to discuss as sirens wail in the distance.
0000: Chance says no wounded in his car cause they will mess up his upholstery. He takes the Doctor instead as the team drives the tainted van back toward the J.
0010: Chance is paralleling the team and almost to Renton when the left side of Dr. Hall’s face explodes, covering the car’s interior with brains, blood, bone, and gore. Chance keeps it on the road and quickly pulls into an alley. He uses the spare jumpsuit they brought for Dr. Hall to clean most of the doctor off his windows.
0030: Alex, being the only unbloodied one, is sent in to tell the J they failed. When he explains about the cortex bomb, the J reluctantly pays them 2500ny each
0100: Chance takes Lisa and Grinder to Patch’s Clinic after dropping Meow at his apartment. Alex rides off on his motorbike.
The Radios, cameras, and Quint cost 10.5k. Grinder’s bill comes to 5000, Lisa’s is 1500. After it’s all said and done, the runners average 800 yen for this job.

Pulling the Triggers

1800 Meet at the Shamrock w/ Murphy who sends team to LuChan’s Chinese Fast Food in Tacoma.
1900 Arrive at West Tacoma Monorail Station to see a guy with a shotgun shooting it out with two members of the Halloweeners. Lisa blocks the door open and then Grinder sprays the shades wearing guy but misses. Lisa jumps behind shotgun guy’s kiosk. Grinder ends the fight by throwing a concussion grenade which knocks the Weeners down and sends them running. Thier new compatriot says his name is Crash and he’s a member of the Brain Eaters and can he give them a ride anywhere since the law will be investigating shortly
1905 The pair pile into Crash’s pickup and he takes them to thier job, giving them his LTG and letting them know he owes them a favor.
2000 LuChen turns out to be a 40 something Chinese man who says a group of wannabe gangers called the Westside Triggers has been tagging his place, trying to break in, hassling his customers and generally being a pain in the hoop. They generally show up at closing time. He wants them gone but would prefer no bloodshed. He offers the two runners the use of the backroom and dinner. Grinder has General Tso’s Chicken, Lisa has Chili Beef Ramen.
2200 Having scoped out the alley, the runners decide to leave Grinder’s cell next to the dumpster with its camera on linked to his Image Display cybereyes. They then hide behind the rollup door and wait
0005 Four kids wearing yellow rainslickers and sporting green hair clamber over the fence. They are toting spray cans and crowbars. The rollup door slides up revealing two very large automatics pointed their way and glowing red cybereyes as Grinder sights in. One of them pisses himself and falls over the fence while the others scatter.
A call is made to Crash with the description and he says him and his crew will put the word out to the Triggers to get the fuck out of Tacoma
0100 LuChen pays the runners and they head home.

Nature Hike

8 Feb 2064
Grinder, Alex and Lisa are hired by Murphy to go to the village of Shanchu in the Salish-Shidhe wilderness, pickup force 6 summoning materials and take them to an address in Redmond for a shady character named Kolmetz.
1100: Meet at the Shamrock. Runners accept job and are given keys to Murphy’s van, 3 utility jumpsuits, a paracritter carrier and 1 day visas with export tags
0900 9 Feb: The Runners take off and soon arrive at the Border. There’s a tense moment as the Salish guard searches the van but no big deal
1200 9 Feb: Runners arrive in Sanchu and are hassled by Running Bear and his two buddies. They ignore the baiting though and head up the hill to Alrez, the talsimonger’s place.
1300 9 Feb: After cleverly stalling the van halfway up the hill, they hoof it to the talismongers. Alex and Lisa go inside, leaving Grinder as rear security.
1330 9 Feb: Alriz is an odd duck but gives them the goods, a box about 10kg. The runners head down to the van and beat feet for Civilization
1400 9 Feb: Due to Alex’s quick driving and enhanced perception, the Runners avoid a trap set by Running Bear and his chums. Grinder pops the rear doors to fire at the trio but an ice sheet spell causes the van to swerve. Grinder is hit by a stunbolt but the runners manage to flee.
1700 9 Feb: The Runners arrive at the address and find the old mailbox. They yell for Kolmetz and he comes out. Something about him trips Alex’s paranoia button and Grinder sets the box out the rear doors and the van squeals away.
1900 9 Feb: Run completed with the return of Murphy’s van and payment delivered.


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