Blood and Ferrocrete (A Shadowrun 3rd edition Game)

Got your number

Drek, who am I even writing this for. Maybe some nobody will compile this drek in to my memoirs. Haha, fraging likely story. Maybe i’ll have a laugh when my memory starts to go.

So got the numbers of a couple of orc chicks on the job today, the type who know how to handle a weapon, if you get my meaning. Becky and Betsy they were called, twins at that, havn’t been with twins in years, not since that time when we accidentally sank the Fearful Barnacle, May her hull rest in pieces.
Anyway, they were body-guarding, some guy called Orlando or some drek like that. He was treating them like hired thugs, trying to use those two pretty faces to bully his way past me in to a meet he was late or not invited too. Can’t be having that, anyway, said as much too, pretty sure i talked them over and they wouldn’t have gotten involved, after all they did leave me their number. Luckily our friendly neibourhood star stopped by, saving their professional allegiance from being tested. Just as well
Other than that, just a nother day on the job, tell a lie, lonestar want to give me the key to the city…. eh would ya believe that, all for blowing up some drek.



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