Blood and Ferrocrete (A Shadowrun 3rd edition Game)

Night of the Living Dead Again

Previously,Samriel had met with a mysterious Alfred Hitchcockian patron, The Mogul, who wants ten original prints of classic films. He is willing to pay the team 25,000 nuyen apiece after delivery and confirmation of the authenticity of the films. The team set up a decker, Iceman, who is currently scouring the Matrix for any hint of who owns the films.

The team is hanging out in the Swanky Hangar Lair, when Samriel gets a call from Iceman. He’s tracked down the owner of one of the films, George Romero’s 1963 classic ‘Night of the Living Dead’. The owner is a Brian Murdock, manager of the Hotel Liberty in downtown Philadelphia, PA. Captain Jack is given negotiation duties. (SIdenote: Captain Jack was loaned to the team as part of the debt he was working off for the Chicago DeLuca Family.

Captain Jack is a social adept and works out a meet for 1900 the following night. The crew loads up in the Monstrosity and hits the I-80 turnpike, steaming for Philadelphia. 12 hours of driving and four pit stops later, they arrive at the Walt Whitman truck stop. They off load the Fox and pile in, heading to the rendevous site, the underground garage of the Hotel Liberty.

BatDwarf pulls in and parks near the wall, perpindicular to the line of cars. Samriel goes astral as Captain Jack gets out to greet Mr. Murdock who’s standing next to his green Honda Elite. Samriel realizes a nearby Bulldog Security Van has an astral ward on it. He pops back in his body and relays this info. Captain Jack readies his flintlock and heads to the meet. Introductions are made, the Captain is presented with a hardcase. Inside is a 16mm movie reel in preservative film and a certificate of authenticity. He snaps a pic with his pocket secretary and sends it to BatDwarf who forwards it to Iceman. Iceman verifies the certificates realism. Captain Jack produces a credstick and Mr. Murdock slots it, grinning. He offers the team use of two rooms for the night and Captain Jack agrees. They shake hands on a deal well done. Mr. Murdock strolls away to the elevator as…

To absolutely no ones surprise, the rear doors of the Bulldog slam open and two grenades fly out. Captain Jack dives behind Murdocks car as the concussion grenades hit the roof lights off the Fox and bounce off the wall respectively. The tough stolen Ares prototype urban combat vehicle completely takes the blast with no damage at all. Two troll hitters in security armor with chest mounted gyro rigged Ingram Valiant light machineguns clamber out and begin tracking. Captain Jack slides around to the hood of Murdocks car and caps off a headshot at Troll 1, grazing his face. Samriel summons Scorch as BatDwarf launches his Guardian mini Hunter Killer VTOL Drone. Troll 2 seems stunned by the response. Troll 1 fires a long burst down the side of the Elite, splattering gel rounds and ruining the finish.

Captain Jack jumps on the narrow hood of the Bulldog and points his handcannon at the mage inside ordering him to the floor. Troll 2 tries sneaking down his blindside even as Troll 1 gets shredded by the Saburo LMG mounted on the Guardian. Scorch manifests in his demon dog surrounded by hellfire form and breathes at Troll 2, who uses his enhance reflexes to ditch the machinegun and dive away. The Stepvan takes the brunt of the Flamethrower spell, catching fire and ruining Captain Jack’s intent to steal it. The mage is told to RUN and he and the Security Troll leg it out of the garage as Captain Jack piles into the Fox with the movie case.

The team decides to find a 24 hour facility to ship the movie tonight to The Mogul. A curious fog has rolled in while they were in the meeting though and the streets are eeriely deserted. The Fox rolls on and then slams to a stop because a city bus is blocking the street sideways. Several humaniod figures stumble and moan in the fog around it. BatDwarf quickly flips a bitch and heads back the other way, for a Stuffer Shack they passed.

When they reach the Shack, Captain Jack gets out to mail the movie with his blunderbuss in his fist. A trio of obviously very dead people stagger out of the fog near him and he backs up. More and more of the (the PCs had a hard time saying it) zombies appear until Jack’s nerve breaks and he bails back into the Fox. The team is surrounded by nearly a dozen of the things and BatDwarf goes all Carmaggedeon on them, doing donuts and plowing over bodies in an effort to get back to the truckstop.

Back at the Walt Whitman, he sends a command and the ramp lowers, allowing the crew to load the FOX without getting out. They seal up but before they can roll out, Captain Jack announces he knows whats going on and shoots himself in the head.

The team wakes up in an abandoned storefront, with “I should be in a Mexican jail” drug hangovers. They have all of their gear and the film. Captain Jack isn’t sure they are really in the real world so he shoots himself in the hand. Blood sprays from the gunshot wound as he yelps in pain ‘AYE! WE’RE BACK’ He binds the wound up with torn rags as the other two open the film case. Inside they find a note from the Chrysis Corporation thanking the for being test subjects for the latest iteration of the SegAtari VR game system and three credsticks for 500 nuyen. The team vows revenge and loads up for the long, long drive back to Chicago.



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