Eleazar aka Laz (Paul)

Devastatingly handsome and extremely charming, Laz is the negotiator of negotiators.


h5. Eleazar aka Laz

Human Male 28

Body: 4
Quickness: 5
Strength: 4
Charisma: 6(8)
Intellect: 6(9)
Willpower: 5
Essence: 2.96
Reaction: 8
Initiative: +2d6

Pistols: 4(5)
Edged(Saber): 3/5(4/6)
Athletics: 4(5)
Stealth: 3(4)
Etiquette: 6(8)
Negotiation: 6(8)
Car: 2(3)

Knowledge Skills:
English: 6(9)
R/W: 3(6)
Sperethiel: 3(6)
German: 4(7)
R/W: 2(5)
Japanese: 4(7)
R/W: 2(5)
Salish: 3(6)
Cityspeak: 2(5)
Area Knowledge- Seattle Metroplex: 4(5)
Club Culture: 4(5)
Seduction: 6(7)

Wired Reflexes-1
Reflex Trigger(Alpha)
Ear Recorder(Alpha)
Display Link(Alpha)
Tailored Pheromones-2
Mnemonic Enhancer-2
Enhanced Articulation

Form Fit Full: 4/1
Armor Jacket: 5/3

Ares Predator(Smartlinked)

Pocket Secretary
Form Fit(Full body suit)
Armor Jacket
Armante tuxedo(1)
Ordinary clothes(1 set)

College Education
Good Looking and Knows It
Friendly Face
Dark Secret
Combat Monster

Phil Hellmouth – Trid Talkshow Host
Madame Butterfly – Decker
Jade Dragon – Head of a local chinese Triad


1) Where’s your character from?
- Born and raised in Everett, Seattle Metroplex. Attended U-Dub and got a degree in communications. Worked for Windell Industries as a PR Director until the incident

2) Does your character have a family?
- Has both parents and a sister, they all believe he is deceased at this time.

3) Does your character have an ethnic background?
- Caucasian

4) What does your character look like?
- Blond hair, blue eyes, extremely handsome chiseled features. See pic.

5) What does your character dress like?
- Laz prefers to dress in fine clothing and wear his leather jacket most of the time. He has a couple of business suits and some jeans and t-shirts as well.

6) Does your character have physical quirks?
- Extremely handsome and he has a certain strut that only happens when he is around beautiful women.

7) Where did your character learn their Active Skills?
- Sabre was learned in school(member of the fencing club),
- Pistols learned at the company firing range,
- Athletics from training for fencing.
- Stealth has been learned since his staged death.
- Negotiation, Interrogation, and Etiquette while studying to become an investigative reporter, and his 5 years working at Windell Industries.
- Car from driving, practice makes perfect.

8) Where did your character learn their Knowledge Skills?
- Language skills learned at U-Dub
- Area knowledge from growing up in Seattle and attending U-Dub
- Club Culture from hanging at out clubs since he was a teenager.
- Seduction from practice on thousands of unsuspecting young college women that became mere conquests.

9) Where did your character get his goodies?
- All cyber and bioware except for Wired Reflexes, Reflex Trigger, and Smartlink were paid for by Windell Industries.
- The others were done at a private clinic in CalFree State.
- Gun, ammo and armor purchased through the black market.
- Dikoted Sabre, a gift from his father upon graduating from U-Dub.
- Pocket sec, clothing and lifestyle purchased with fake ID

10) Where does your character live?
- A moderate apartment complex in Seattle

11) Who are your character’s contacts?
- Phil Hellmouth – Trid talk show host
- Madame Butterfly – decker
- Jade Dragon – Head of a chinese Triad
- Katerina von Luger – Weapons modifier and black market connection.
- Lilliana Silvereyes – member of Midnight Angels go-gang and current girlfriend
- Atlara Johnson – Corp secretary at Tarken Enterprises
- Pixie – Elf mage and a paramour of interest
- Consuela Martinez – Club debutante, and daughter of an Aztechnology executive.
- Sarah Windwalker – An Amerindian college student with a love of nature.
- Murdoch – A fixer with a strange past.

12) Who are your character’s enemies?
- From his dark secret, they would be his former employers, Windell Industries, if they discover he is still alive.

13) How did your character learn magic
- N/A

14) What are your character’s likes and dislikes?
- Laz loves the ladies, especially beautiful elf women.
- Laz loves his Ferrari 770 Spiders, pays extra money to keep it in a secure garage.
- Laz loves fencing, and still practices up to 2 hours/day.
- Laz loves pro sports, and follows all the Seattle teams religiously, getting updates to his pocket secretary as soon as they are available.
- Laz dislikes ugly people and trolls and orks in general.
- Laz dislikes filth, dirt and germs, but is not a germaphobe.
- Laz dislikes tardiness
- Laz dislikes Aztechnology, due to them being the cause of his demise from his previous life.

15) What is your character’s moral code?
- Live free, Die well
- Always treat ladies(read pretty women) with the utmost of respect.
- Never tell the truth if a lie will better serve your goals.

16) Does your character have goals?
- Not any goals outside of surviving his new situation, and hopefully earning enough to enjoy some of the finer things he had to leave behind.

17) Does your character have personal beliefs?
- Laz believes in himself, and himself alone having been betrayed a few too many times in the past. He can and will work with anyone, but he will never trust them.

18) Does your character have personality quirks?
- Laz is handsome and he knows it, so he uses this to get his way when he can.
- Laz prefers to only have sex with beautiful elf women.
- Laz refuses to drink imitation alcohol.

19) Why does your character run the shadows?
- Not much good paying work for a PR man who is officially dead. He previous employment would likely expose his dark secret, so running the shadows is one of the few places where his talents at talking can be useful.

20) How does your character view his/her role as a shadowrunner?
- He is the face, the one who gets the best pay for the job, and the one who can bluff past the guards. He is a capable warrior, but talking your way past a situation is usually a lot safer in the long run.

Eleazar aka Laz (Paul)

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